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Technology & Patient Comforts

Top Technology & Patient Comfort Techniques in SE Michigan

two chairs in a dentists officeUsing modern technology for a positive, successful dental care experience.

At Signature Smiles, we want you to enjoy your time with us. Dr. Solomon has invested in modern tools and technology to increase comfort, aid in efficient diagnoses, and promote an exceptional experience. Your beautiful, healthy smile is our primary focus, and we'll do all we can to deliver the lasting oral wellness you deserve.

Educational Tools

We'll take pictures inside your mouth with a small, hand-held intra-oral camera and display the images on a chair-side monitor. Dr. Solomon will use these pictures to explain findings and partner with you in treatment planning.

To help you envision your new smile, the dentist may create a wax-up, which is a model of your smile altered to show the effects of specific therapies. And, you can learn even more by watching short CAESY Patient Education videos in the comfort of your treatment room.

Modern Diagnostics

Our high-tech Panorex takes two-dimensional images of teeth and supporting structures. These finely detailed images provide a comprehensive view of your oral cavity to facilitate fast, efficient diagnosis and customized treatment.

During your checkup or new patient exam, Dr. Solomon will scan your teeth for decay with a non-invasive DIAGNOdent laser. This state-of-the-art tool identifies areas of demineralization, which are precursors to cavities. Early decay detection means quick intervention to prevent significant damage.

Oral cancer is a stealthy offender that often isn't caught until it has reached the neck or lymph nodes. Early detection greatly improves survival chances, so we screen diligently for this disease. We use a ViziLite, which employs a special mouth rinse and light to identify suspicious mouth lesions that require additional investigation.

Comfort Enhancers

You don't like dental drills, so we use air abrasion to remove decay and prepare teeth for restoration. Air abrasion uses a stream of tiny abrasive particles and concentrated air to gently and efficiently whisk away decay. Say goodbye to the noise, heat, and vibration of the drill! Air abrasion is so comfortable that most patients don't require anesthesia.

For lengthy procedures, you can relax in a massage chair during your treatment. You'll rest comfortably and receive a soothing full-body massage while Dr. Solomon performs your dental work. You can watch TV during your procedure, then freshen up with a warm towel before you leave. 

Time Savers

We know you're busy, and we respect your hectic schedule. That's why we offer CEREC. This revolutionary technology custom-mills crowns, inlays, and onlays while you wait. If you qualify for a CEREC-produced restoration, your dentist will design, create, and place your dental work in a single office visit.

Call your nearest Signature Smiles location today to schedule an appointment. Our dental offices provide uncompromising care and exceptional service to residents of Southfield, Brighton, and the surrounding areas.