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TMJ Therapy

TMJ Disorder Therapy in SE Michigan

Woman holding the right side of her cheek which is red and inflamedWe Offer Techniques and Treatments for Resting Your Jaw and Getting Relief

In the front of your ears, there are small triangular shaped joints that are lined with cartilage. These joints will move with a smooth, gliding motion and allow you to open and close your mouth comfortably. However, sometimes factors such as stress or an improper bite can impact the joints ability to function, which exposes nerve endings that can result in discomfort and pain. This is called Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, or TMJ Disorder. This disorder can create numerous symptoms that range from mild to severe, such as jaw clicking to sharp pains in your neck, ear, temple, and even shoulders.

At Signature Smiles, our goal is to find you comfort and relief. We evaluate every patient for TMJ dysfunction at their regular dental exam so we can catch any problems before they become too severe. If we detect an issue, we will work hard to correct it to protect your teeth and mouth from further damage.

For more information about TMJ disorder, schedule an appointment with the Signature Smiles Team, or give your nearest Signature Smiles location a call. Our staff wants to help you receive the relief you deserve.