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Experienced Tooth Extraction Dentists Located in SE Michigan

Dentist at workWe Gently Perform Tooth Extractions to Renew Your Mouth’s Health

Dr. Solomon performs tooth extractions to remove irreparably damaged teeth and to prepare smiles for restorative dentistry. Wisdom teeth often require extraction to eliminate painful impaction or unhealthy and unsightly crowding.

When wisdom teeth don't descend properly, they can become stuck in gum tissue or bone and cause pain and swelling. Even when they move down without incident, most jaws can't accommodate these large molars. The result is a crowded smile with teeth pushed out of position. Tooth extraction can remedy problems with wisdom teeth and restore optimal oral health.

Dr. Solomon will perform your extraction with the utmost care, conscientiously attending to your needs and comfort. If you suffer from dental anxiety, consider oral sedation to alleviate unease and promote a peaceful dental care experience.

Call your nearest Signature Smiles location today to schedule your tooth extraction. Our SE Michigan dental offices deliver uncompromising care and exceptional service to residents of Southfield, Brighton, and surrounding areas.