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Same Day Dentistry in Southfield: What You Should Know about Crowns

Even people who take splendid care of their teeth may eventually need same day dentistry in Southfield.

One way to save a tooth that has suffered extensive damage is by protecting it with a dental crown. Crowns can also help to secure a dental bridge or complete an implant restoration.

What Is a Dental Crown?

Your natural teeth are extremely durable. In fact, healthy teeth are stronger than bone. But durable is not the same thing as indestructible. All sorts of things can damage a tooth, from decay-causing bacteria to blunt force trauma.

A damaged or infected tooth is a threat to your entire body.. Not only can it cause deep and painful cuts, it can spread infection throughout the jaw and facial muscles.

One way to deal with a sick tooth is to remove it altogether. But dentists prefer to avoid extracting teeth unless they have no other option. That’s because a single missing tooth can weaken the other teeth around it, leading to further trouble down the road.

One alternative to extraction is to use a dental restoration known as a crown. This is an artificial tooth that protects the base of the natural tooth and enables the patient to eat, speak, and perform other common tasks.

What are Crowns Made of?

A crown can be made from many types of materials.

Some of the more common examples include:

Stainless steel

This material is used for temporary crowns. A dentist may also use a stainless steel crown to protect a child’s primary tooth until the permanent tooth emerges.


Examples include gold, cobalt chromium, nickel chromium and platinum. These materials make exceptionally strong and lightweight crowns. However, many people object to their metallic appearance. Alloys are a good choice for molars that fit in the back of the jaw.


These crowns use an external layer of porcelain to give the tooth a more natural color and shape.

Pure porcelain or ceramic

These crowns offer an exceptionally natural appearance, making them the restoration of choice for many people. They’re also useful for people who are allergic to metals.


The chief advantage of this material is its affordability. Resin is more vulnerable to damage and wear than other options.

The first step in placing a crown is to perform an x-ray. This is done to ensure that the roots are in good shape before proceeding. If the dentist finds extensive damage or decay, then he or she may perform a root canal first.

Assuming your tooth is healthy enough to receive the crown, your dentist will administer pain reliever to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. He or she will then file and shape the tooth to receive the crown.

Traditionally, patients have had to wait several days or weeks before receiving a permanent crown. This is beginning to change as more practices offer same day crown in Southfield service.

A dental crown is one way for patients to experience freedom from dental pain while enjoying a fuller, more active life. Ask your dentist about this gentle, effective form of therapy.

About the Author

Dr. Jeffrey Solomon earned his DDS degree from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry. He has completed advanced training in same-day crowns, Invisalign, sedation dentistry and other specialized fields. You can reach his office online or by calling (248) 557-5756.

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