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Same Day Dentistry in Southfield Means Same Day Solutions!

Do you struggle to get to the dentist because of your busy schedule? What do you do when a cosmetic issue arises and you need to have it fixed the same day it occurs? Simple procedures don't require a lot of preparation when you schedule weeks in advance, so why should you have to wait if they can be completed in a day?

That's where same day dentistry in Southfield comes in.

Whether you're busy taking care of your family all week or you have an important presentation at work to give, your dentist in Southfield is more than prepared to get your smile back in beautiful condition. Here are five benefits that a same day dentistry can provide you in your time of need.

You Can Be Confident We'll Fix Your Smile the First Time

If you're job relies heavily on your image or you just want to look as professional as possible, you'll have the confidence needed to perform well. Having an imperfect smile can make our self-esteem drop significantly and distract you from what needs to be done.

Our practice can provide the repairs you need as soon as the problem occurs, so you can walk out of that board room or end that video call knowing you did great. It's amazing how much people put their faith in you when you have a confident smile.

You'll Have Your Imperfection Fixed Right Away

Thanks to CEREC technology, your same day dentistry in Southfield can produce a fabrication of your tooth in-office. You won't have to wear a temporary restoration while waiting for the permanent fabrication to be made. You also won't have to schedule an appointment at a later date since the solution is presented the day you arrive.

You'll Love the Convenience of Same Day Dentistry

In the past, dental crowns can take two or even three visits depending on what work you need done. Same day makes it more convenient for you to drop in and get your dental treatment done, without scheduling another appointment for placement.

Your Work Can Be Done Mid-Work Day!

Need to get work done but not able to call out of work? Our dental office is definitely open during your lunch hour. Most practices would be too busy to see you during the week as they're accommodating for all the people who schedule appointments ahead of time. Now you can go to work in the morning, visit during your lunch hour, and be back in time for work with your permanent restoration.

If It's a Cosmetic Emergency, We Can Help!

There's nothing worse than having a big event where you know many pictures will be taken, such as a wedding. The only way it could be worse is if you're the bride or groom! With one-visit crowns, inlays, and onlays available as well as other cosmetic treatments to make your smile beautiful in time for the big day.

Same day dentistry in Southfield can fix your problems even on short notice, so don't hesitate to call to get your work done and be out the door!

About the Author

Dr. Jeffrey M. Solomon earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry. He's completed postgraduate courses in cosmetic dentistry and CEREC for one-visit porcelain crowns and restorations. To learn more about his practice, contact him at (248) 557-5756 or visit his website.

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