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Payment Plan Options to Cover Your Dental Treatments

A piggy bank sits on top of a model set of teeth to represent affordable dentistry.Many people have problems with their oral health. Up to one in every four adult U.S. citizens have untreated tooth decay, and almost half of U.S. adults over 30 have gum disease, according to the Center for Disease Control. Many people stay away from the dentist due to fear. But many others avoid the dentist’s office because of the cost of treatment.

There are many options available for you to receive the care you need to keep up your oral health. Keep reading to learn about affordable dentistry, including dental payment plan options. 

Where Do Dental Costs Come From?

Dental care is not cheap. Considering your other health-related needs, your oral health cost is much lower. The clinic’s location, the technology on hand, and the specially-trained staff all factor into the cost of dental visits and treatment. Keep on the lookout for special pricing and promotions that can lower the price. Sometimes, bringing the whole family can reduce your per-person costs. 

Dental Insurance & Preparation

Dental costs can be a challenge for people to pay. Fortunately, there are many dental insurance companies, both private and company-sponsored.  Here at Signature Smiles, we accept many insurances and will work with you to add your insurance if we don’t have an existing relationship with them. We can also ensure your insurance covers a treatment before administering it. Read more about dental insurance in our blog here.

Payment Plan Options for Affordable Dentistry

We accept all major credit cards, cash, and checks. For those who need more options, we have several payment plan options for you to cover your dental work. Payment plans are especially important if you don’t have insurance, but everyone can take advantage of a plan. We offer financing through three different third-party partners to ensure you have coverage (CareCredit, Green Sky, and Lending Club). Many of our clients get low or even 0% interest in financing through these companies. 

Go to a Clinic that Cares for You

Avoiding the dentist is a reality for many people. More time spent away from a dentist leads to worsening oral health. Here at Signature Smiles, we got into the industry to help people improve their health. We will work with you to find a financial option to make sure you get the care you need while not breaking your annual budget.

Give our caring team at Signature Smiles a call today at (248) 557-5756 to schedule your next appointment. 

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