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Dental Care Tips for College Students

A college student holds her books and flashes her white smile at the camera.College, a time of great change. One of the biggest transitions for younger college students is the one away from home or at least away from many of the directions of their parents toward their adult independence.

However, some of the skills you learned at home may stick with you. Between projects, reading assignments, papers, exams, and all the social joys of college, keeping up with your oral health can be tough. Let’s keep it simple. Keep reading for some of Signature Smiles tips on how to keep your smile a healthy one when you go back to school after the break. 

Tip #1: Start Your Day with Breakfast

We’ve all had late nights and late mornings. Sometimes when you wake up, food is the last thing you want. Breakfast can have a big impact on your cognition and processing ability. Also, skipping breakfast can lead to bad breath with additional saliva production. Every morning, try to eat something, even if it is small such as an apple, protein bar, or toast.

Tip #2: Limit Your Sugary Foods and Drinks

There are many enemies of your teeth and overall oral health, but sugar is one of the worst. It is so easy to overdo your sugar intake beyond the minimum. Pop or soda, sweetened coffee, and late-night snacks and candy are all rough on your teeth. “Sugar-free” does not mean problem-free. Watch out for high sodium and artificial sweeteners. 

Tip #3: Drink All the Water

Most people do not drink enough water to keep up their physical and oral health. Many contributing factors will change the amount of water you need, including your weight, age, and how active you are. You should have at least 100 ounces of water each day. Try carrying a refillable bottle of water to keep your drinks close at hand.

Tip #4: Have a “Cheat Day”

Many people will go on diets or fasts or splurge on workouts. Inevitably, this behavior will lead to future binging. Give yourself some balance by choosing a day to take it easy and have more treats. Try for a weekend cheat day because you won’t need to focus on classes and have more time to go out then. 

Tip #5: Use a Straw to Drink

Use a straw to save your teeth? Believe it or not, drinking from a straw will help keep your teeth cleaner, whiter, and healthier. The straw helps move the liquid past your teeth and into your mouth. Then you will have less contact between your teeth and the sugar and other staining parts in your drinks. A straw may also help you reduce your exposure to bacteria.

Keep Your Teeth and Mouth Healthy Even When You Are Away at College

There are big changes that come with entering college. The change in your schedule, eating habits, sleeping habits, diet, and independence are huge and have big impacts on your health. Make sure to use the tips above and keep your regular dental appointments. Here at Signature Smiles Dental, we can work around your schedule to ensure you get the regular cleaning you need. Give our team a call today.

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